Do you believe the perpetual racial divide is continuing because of the English language?

  • Perpetual racial divide continuing because of english language?

    I believe that yes people are still racist to people who cannot speak english because what I hear from most people is that if people come to the US they should be able to speak english. In all reality people will always have something against something they don't understand for example eldery individuals majority of them HATE technology.

  • Wait, Just English?

    First off, If you want to make a shoddy reference to imperialism, French would be just as big of a problem. If it's a reference to people in America, Then no; Black Americans speak English more than other White Americans, And most White Americans know how to speak English. The only Americans who have trouble with English are first-generation immigrants to America, Which is mostly Hispanic--it's not too hard for one to learn English, Nor is it too hard for an English Speaker to learn Spanish. Hell, My mom is a first generation Chinese immigrant, And she can speak English despite Chinese being radically different from English. Also, Not all racists speak English. Did the Nazis speak primarily English? Just because some dumb racists in Alabama exist doesn't mean every single racist is a white trash redneck who lives in the wilds, Guzzles moonshine and somehow has a 12-gauge shotgun.

  • It's not language, it's culture.

    No, the perpetual racial divide has absolutely nothing to do with the English language. If that were the case, we would have had racial equality in the United States almost a century ago. I think that the intolerance has to do with more cultural differences than anything else, and you'll need more than one language to bridge that gap.

  • Language doesn't cause racism, people cause racism

    Words are words regardless of the language they are used in. The English language itself is no more 'racist' than any other language. Unless we come to a point where everyone on the planet speaks a single language, any language will be a dividing factor. To that end, if one language were to united humanity it would likely be English.

  • Everyone is fighting for the same resources.

    I don't believe the perpetual racial divide is continuing because of the English language. The racial divide exists simply because there are so many races seeking out all of the same limited resources. This puts people in competition with each other. Wars, social problems, and turbulence ensues, because ultimately people just want to be promised security and comfort.

  • Not The Language

    I do not believe the perpetual racial divide is continuing because of the English language. I have met many people of different races who are more than capable of speaking English just as well as I, so I can't justify blaming the problem on a language. I believe the racial divide persists because we still have people who uphold racial ideals and then try to propagate them through society.

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