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  • They don't believe in ancient and alternative effective cures.

    I don't believe the pharmaceutical industry is hiding a cure for lupus. This is because I don't think they actually have one that can eradicate the disease. I think the only cure is one based in ancient or alternative medicine. The pharma industry is not keen to these kinds of cures because they cannot be patented. So I don't think they have one or will ever produce one.

  • No they are to caught up in making money

    There is no incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to even put effort forth to find a cure for lupus because they have already found a way to treat it and make a profit. If there is no economic incentive to cure something and there is already a meaningful way to make income than these large corporations logically have no reason to invest in a cure. Also the fact that lupus in and of itself is an autoimmune disease means that the cure is most likely based around that humans food source and environment.

  • No, the pharmaceutical industry is not hiding a cure for lupus

    Millions of people suffer from lupus and would benefit from a cure. While pharmaceutical companies benefit from the drugs doctors prescribe to treat the condition, it is unfair and irresponsible to suggest that they are hiding a cure. It is tantamount to putting forward a conspiracy theory. Effective treatment to eradicate lupus would literally save lives and it is hard to believe any law-abiding corporation would stand in the way of that.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I do not believe the pharmaceutical industry is hiding a cure for lupus. A new drug was released for treatment in 2011 and that was the first in years. I don't see any reason to believe the pharmaceutical industry would hold back a product. When they do release them they hold them at ransom with high prices anyway.

  • No, the medical industry is not hiding a cure for lupus.

    I do not think that the pharmaceutical industry is hiding a cure for lupus. I think such a notion is a bit silly. I also think that the claim is without merit. There is nothing to prove that such a cure exists but is being hid by medicine companies for profit.

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