• Yes, because Paul is inconsistent.

    If Rand Paul were honest, he would always be consistent, as would his writing and speeches. But he is not consistent. He has also proven that he lacks the ethics that would prevent a person from engaging in plagiarism, such as when he suggests that business owners be legally able to bar people of different abilities and skin colors from their establishments.

  • Yes, He Has Copied Other People’s Words

    Rand Paul has been caught copying other people’s words. Controversial
    television commentator Rachel Maddow cited occasions when Mr. Paul repeated other
    people’s words nearly verbatim without giving due credit. Andrew Kaczynski reported that Mr. Paul’s speeches quoted other people’s work without mentioning them. Politico cited
    speeches in which Mr. Paul repeated the words of news agencies without
    mentioning them. An aide to Mr. Paul has responded that the politician believes
    it is acceptable to use other people’s words in speeches without citing them,
    but that he will be more circumspect in the future. Hair-splitting definitions aside,
    this question is resolved.

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