Do you believe the Pope (Vatican) should do more for the less fortunate?

Asked by: Christlike
  • The Vatican is one of the richest Maschinaries of this world!

    I find the more fortunate should have a higher consciousness than what is being displayed in our today's world. The Vatican has more wealth than the rest of the Religions combined, yet the only thing that I see coming from that Religion is it "saying" that others should donate, help and provide. Where is their responsibility? Where is their Christlike doings? Where is their protection for "all of Gods children"?

  • The Vatican is already the world's biggest charity

    The church is already the world's biggest charity and is doing more than any other organisation in the world.Most of the 'Rich' churches were built in medieval times and are actually of great historic value.

    The same can be said about a lot of things like the buildings in Vatican City and the priceless art that the church often received as donations.Spending money to preserve these things does not amount to un-christ like behaviour. The

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