• Yes, certain events made the population lower than it should be.

    Yes, the population was meant to grow larger than it is now. If it were not for certain events, such as wars and acts of terrorism, the population would be larger than current numbers. Laws like the "One Child" regulation in China has also restricted population growth throughout the world.

  • Yes it should be larger

    I do think the population was meant to be larger than it is today. There are some countries who have restrictions on number of births, or discard of children if they are not right. If this did not happen then the population would be greater. Since I think their actions are wrong I think the population should be greater.

  • Yes, the popation was meant to grow even larger.

    I do believe that the population was meant to grow even larger than it is now. I think that while the population is reaching a point where society can't seem to sustain the resources available, I think that it is possible for the population to grow even larger than it already is now.

  • Time will tell.

    When the population crashes, We will then know what the number was "meant" to be. I doubt if anything can be done about the situation. Like any biological system, The population will simply keep increasing until all available resources have been used up. Then crasheroo it goes. The only questionas are when, How long will it take, And how deep will it go.

  • No, the population is not meant to grow larger.

    The debate question is framed in a way that makes answering difficult. To say that something is "meant" to do another thing implies that there is someone or something providing intent. Who means for the population to grow larger or smaller? The population of the earth is a fact, it is not something that is subject to intent.

  • Not Meant To

    I believe it is wrong to think the population was MEANT to grow even larger than it is now. I think that wording suggests that there is a plan and I honestly don't believe that. There are no control over the population and it's not MEANT to do anything. The population count is a natural function.

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