• Yes, they have

    Banks have grown much too large and much too powerful. They can buy anything, and even seem to have bought the entire Republican party. The fact that they can charge a poor person for over-drawing their accounts makes me sick to my stomach. Rich people getting richer off of a poor person's struggle.

  • Yes, the power of banks have surpassed their intentions.

    I definitely believe that the power of banks have surpassed their original intentions. Banks are way too powerful today. When banks are in a position that they can make the government determine that having them fail is worse for the country than bailing them out, there is something wrong with the system.

  • Pretty sure they have

    I am not sure what banks original purposes were back when they first were invented, other than make a little profit holding people's money. Now they have their chubby little hands in everyone's pocket. They pretty much have some kind of say in every section of the financial sector. Some say that might be to much power to give to a handful of banks.

  • They have new products.

    No, I do not believe the power of banks has surpassed their original intentions, because they do not do much more than they did 100 years ago. Banks have offered new products, as we have entered into the digital age with credit cards, but banks have always been the gate keepers of business loans, and that is not having too much power.

  • No, that was their original intention.

    The objective of a bank is to make profit, and the direct objective after that is to become the world's most powerful loaner and banker business. However, some may argue otherwise. The name of the game is business though, and if they are not on the top, they haven't surpassed their intentions.

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