• They are the most powerful government officials out there.

    They have near-total control over the trial and their power increases as they get to know the judge better over time. They have reduced standards for producing evidence and can add/drop charges as they please. They have command over the police and forfeiture cases. They also make over $100,000 a year easy and are unelected, meaning that they can be appointed for political reasons. The entire trial by today is rigged in his/her favor, as they can call upon police to testify against you, who cannot testify in your favor and are trusted by juries almost everywhere. Many prosecutors eventually go into politics and use their career as a selling point to the rich, suburban white crowd.

  • Power of Prosecutors

    I personally think that the power of prosecutors is too strong because if an individual does not have enough evidence and someone that the prosecutors thought committed a crime in their minds he committed making the prosecutors put that individual to sleep. I personally think that the power of prosecutors is too strong.

  • Yes,the power of prosecutors is too great.

    Yes,the power of prosecutors is too great.They have the power to bring up and drop charges and the power to plea bargain.When it comes down to it they pretty much control the whole criminal justice system at the court level.Judges should use their power to mitigate the actions of prosecutors.

  • believe the power

    After decades of new laws to toughen sentencing for criminals, prosecutors have gained greater leverage to extract guilty pleas from defendants and reduce the number of cases that go to trial, often by using the threat of more serious charges with mandatory sentences or other harsher penalties.Some experts say the process has become coercive in many state and federal jurisdictions, forcing defendants to weigh their options based on the relative risks of facing a judge and jury rather than simple matters of guilt or innocence.

  • Do their job

    No, I do not think that prosecutors have to much power, and I think that most of them are very good at their job and help to put a lot of dangerous people into a jail and off of the streets where they could continue to commit crimes and hurt people.

  • Depends Where You Live

    Florida does not seem to have that problem as many of their killers get off. Then again, maybe that is part of their power, to not have to do their job effectively, and still keep it. One would probably have to be in trouble with the law to really know how much power they do have. Do not get in trouble and you should be fine.

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