• Yes I do.

    The press is a menace to society. I was just watching the news yesterday. They said that a man who committed a murder was set free after serving his time. He was living in another city, had a job and wasn't bothering anyone. The media ran a story on him a few days ago. Now they said that after the media ran the story his employers were watching it and fired the guy. They said it like it was a good thing. Okay, so now the man is without a job and angry. I see another murder in the future. So yes the press needs to be regulated!

  • No, I don't think the press should be regulated.

    I think the public should be better informed and hold the press to a certain standard, instead of giving in to and feeding the biases of people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. I guess we could regulate them, and that would make people smarter. But neither will probably ever happen.

  • There should be free press.

    The press should be able to operate freely provided they are not posing a physical threat to someone. As a matter of free speech, the press should be free to operate and express opinions, forms of artistic expression, and different viewpoints without being unjustly regulated. Regulations should only serve matters of safety.

  • We need freedom.

    No, I do not believe the press should be regulated, because that would stifle free speech and free opinions. The press should have the right to say what they have to. Anymore, media is readily available on the internet, and everyone is a reporter, so there is no need to regulate the media.

  • The press should not be regulated.

    The press should not be limited to what it can or cannot print. Some press have used this as an excuse to print whatever they want with or without proof. Once what they print becomes damaging to a person or people or organization and is unfounded, that is called Libel and is a civil court case winner. That is the risk taken by the press and what keeps them honest.

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