• It doesn't make us smarter, faster, or stronger. The opposite, actually.

    Did you know that if it hadn't been for the Great Depression, Prohibition would possibly still be the norm here in the USA? How wild is that. Anyway, here are a couple of informative links for anyone interested.




    *shrug* To speak plainly, I've never seen any of my friends (or myself, for that matter) ever make any wise/good/positive decisions while drinking alcohol. I certainly have a handful of funny stories from my experiences with it, but compared to the destruction that it eventually leads to, I'm beginning to see its use in any capacity as more of a liability than an asset.

    Below is a link to a fairly balanced and informative article on alcohol use, also. Just in case anyone gets a hankering to read a little more.


  • Yes in some cases.

    People, such as my mom, get drunk every day. I have enough problems as it is without her drinking. I'm 14 years old. I think for people who are addicted should be prohibited but for people who arn't should not. This would help kids like me have a better childhood. Sometimes rehab doesn't work.

    Posted by: LPS3
  • No, what we need is education regarding alcohol.

    Alcohol is a part of most cultures around the world, and has been for forever. Alcohol shouldn't be prohibited to everyone just because some people abuse its use, nor should it be denied to all because some have religious objections to its use. People who have religious objections are free to abstain for themselves and not enforce their beliefs on everyone else. Most people are able to use alcohol responsibly without abusing it. Alcohol addiction is costly to society in terms of health costs and highway deaths. It's understandable to want to control that aspect of it, but I believe it is better controlled by less restrictive laws than total prohibition. Why take away a freedom that most people can enjoy responsibly because some few abuse it?

  • It Doesn't Work

    Prohibition of alcohol is something the United States has already attempted in the past and it was a failure. The results of prohibition proved that it is far from a good thing because it creates even more criminals where there shouldn't be. I believe prohibition is an unworkable concept that people need to stop pushing.

  • no, prohibition never works

    Prohibition never works as a strategy to eliminate something. Prohibition usually results in a substance likely alcohol gaining more popularity due to its taboo appeal. Prohibition creates black markets which lead to more crime and violence. Prohibition didn’t work to eliminate booze in America, it won’t work for anything else either.

  • No: The Prohibition of Alcohol Would Not Be Good

    Alcohol prohibition was tried in the 1920's in the United States. It was a failed policy that led to organized crime and violence on a massive scale. This prohibition was rejected then, and it should continue to be rejected. Indeed, alcohol is a dangerous substance that breaks apart families and communities. Creating a healthy society that minimizes or eliminates the use of alcohol by the individual choices people make is the only way to move forward.

  • No, the prohibition of alcohol would be a bad thing.

    No, prohibiting alcohol would not solve any problems. In fact, it would create more problems. More police would be needed to monitor communities to prevent alcohol from being made and distributed. Those employed by liquor stores would be out of work. The jails would be filled with prohibition offenders instead of dangerous criminals.

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