• Yes, there are real risks.

    Social networking certainly has its benefits in terms of connecting with other people who are at a distance. But it also has its risks,both to the person in terms of privacy issues and also in terms of the society that is becoming more and more isolated from real interactions with actual friends and neighbors.

  • The projected risks are real but....

    The proected risks of social networking are indeed real, but those risks are up to the user of them. There are indeed risk to using, like getting hacked, losing valuable information and such, btu those who will fall prey to it are those who do not take the neccessary precations.

  • Yes, I think the projected risks of social networks are real.

    I think that the overuse of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, can have negative impacts on some people's lives. Social networks can cause addiction in some, which in turn can negatively affect their social lives and health. Social networking can also cause some people to neglect financial responsibilities such as going to work.

  • No, social networking is as safe as more traditional networking

    While sensational articles in the media about the dangers of social networking are sure to attract much attention and advertising dollars, time has proven that social networking is as safe or even safer than traditional of networking. For example there was much coverage in the media, and subsequent fear amongst the public, about the supposed extreme dangers of MySpace to both teenagers and adults that used the social networking site. However, the majority of the warnings turned out to be unfounded and people of all ages were shown to be perfectly safe while using the site.

  • All for fun

    I do not think that social networking has any risks that are going to happen just because people use it all the time. I think that it is just a fun thing for people of all ages to do and meet and reunite with people all across the globe today.

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