• Growth can be measured

    The quality of economic growth can be measured by empirical data. This can be gained from the monthly jobs report and employment numbers that the government releases. If the economic growth is because of increased debt spending, then that is not quality economic growth. Quality economic growth is hard to come by.

  • yes it can

    Yes, I think that the quality of economic growth can be measured and there are a lot of experts that know ways to make these formulas and charts to compute this. There are economics professionals that are great at their job, and know how to do all of this stuff.

  • Yes, quality can be measured in a variety of ways

    The quality of economic grow can be measured in a variety of ways, not only pure measures of dollars and cents. Other factors that can show the quality of economic growth can be health indexes, self reports of on personal well-being, looking at whether people are investing more or less, spending more or less, taking more or less leisure vacations, saving more or less, working only one job or multiple jobs. All help point to the quality of economic growth.

  • Quality is hard to measure, but economists have many quantitative tools at their disposal for measuring and interpreting growth.

    Economic growth can be measured by increases in GDP, jobs, consumer spending power, per-capita measurements of income or even health. Statistical analyses provide economists with raw economic data and different conclusions they can draw about the quality of the economy. Wbat is "quality" economic growth? Is it reflected by increased capital, or decreased environmental impact? Different political scientists, sociologists, and economists will interpret economic data through their own lenses. Nevertheless, quality economic growth is palpable: there are few unemployed, businesses are opening rather than closing, and tax revenues are high enough to support quality infrastructure without burdening the economy.

  • That is a judgment call.

    No, the quality of economic growth cannot be measured, because there should not be any one person who decides what a good growth is and what is not. All economic growth is good, with the exceptions of drugs and other vice industries. Besides that, the quality of growth depends on a person's political agenda.

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