Do you believe the rape accusations against Bill Cosby?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Yes, I think it's factual.

    I first heard of this in the 90s and bits and pieces afterwards. Too many women have the same story about their dealings with him. Someone mentioned the women are angry because he stopped paying them. If that 's the case, Why is he paying in the first place? The problem I do have with this is the timing. If women are assaulted they should immediately contact law enforcement, Not wait years afterwards. It should not matter who the accuser is. Another thing, This playing field is not level! If Bill Cosby goes to prison, Why aren't the Catholic priests held accountable for their actions? We cannot have laws for some and different laws for others for the same crimes.

  • YES. This despicable human being needs to die in prison.

    40 or so women have confessed to being raped by Cosby. Are you seriously about to tell me that all of them are lying? Why would they lie? To become famous? For being a rape victim? And if you are wondering why it took so long for these women to come out, would you seriously battle a wealthy and powerful such as Bill Cosby? People saw him as a trustworthy, parental figure. I sure did until I heard about these allegations. I am disgusted. Bill Cosby deserves to rot in hell.

  • 68% of rape cases never get reported 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail

    You know, it's actually disturbing to think people think Cosby is innocent because how long these women took to speak up for themselves.... 68% of rape cases will never get reported... These women were terrified, these women didn't know how to approach such a powerful man. No one believe them. It's not like they all got together one day and said you know what we should all come up with similar stories and tell everyone Cosby sexual assualted/raped us. It would be a different story if there was one woman who accused him but there's over 50 women who finally stood up and took action. Once one woman stood up for herself the others knew they could speak up and actually do something now that they knew that they werent the only one attacked by Cosby. They have a army now of women Cosby took advantage of and now can fight and speak up for once knowing that they might win this together. Alone they felt fragile, weak, powerless but now they have all the support and the back up they need to share in order to prove Bill Cosby is a rapist. Why are people trying to belittle these women who have been victimized and attacked? Most of these woman even said themselves they Aren't in it for the money or the fame but to start a movement for all women not to be afraid to speak up. The tragic experiences that happen to these women are real. Finally after so many years they can be free and hopefully find justice.

  • Too many people have come forward for the accusations to be false.

    There's been what, twenty-five women that have came forward and said Bill Cosby had raped them, all with eerily similar stories? How can a person look at this and not be at the minimum suspicious? The allegations have been coming in for years, and only now have they really been put into the spotlight by the media. These women stood everything to lose by standing up about Cosby, and instead of believing Cosby is innocent until proven otherwise, I'll believe the women are telling the truth until proven otherwise.

  • Yes, I believe the accusations.

    So many woman have come up and said so, so its hard not to believe them, but I also think at least one of the women should press charges so he can be put on trial or something. I feel really bad for the woman especially since he always seemed like a trust worthy guy.

  • It's not true!

    There is no evidence that claims Bill Cosby raped those women. How can those women come out 30.. 40 years later to say he raped them? Really, I mean seriously I think they're saying that because he cut off paying them, so they decided to make that up. Like, Cosby is getting older, maybe he's just trying to get his life together, before he dies. Those women are very trifling. I honestly don't believe Bill Cosby raped those women. Who comes out 30.. 40 years later to say someone raped them. Just think about it!

  • What evidence is there?

    I do not see any proper evidence to support their claims. The only evidence these girls are running off of, are their own claims. Perhaps when they get some more solid evidence, or whenever one of them takes Cosby to court and reveals some evidence. Part of me wouldn't doubt that half, if not all these women are just claiming to have been raped by Bill Cosby for either publicity or money. Whenever or if they ever get stone cold evidence, only then will I believe them.

  • He couldn't put up an adequate defense

    Rape shield laws make it where the accuser has a serious upper hand over the accused and it's nearly impossible to protect yourself or defend yourself because character witness is all the evidence they need or use any more to convicting and throw you in jail for the rest of your life it's a Witch Hunt

  • Bullshit justice in America

    These women are full of shit, These accusations are old as argyle sweaters. These bitches found a way to accommodate themselves with this man's wealth, With the help of that tasteless no-good dirty piece of shit attorney Gloria Allred. Black people wake up, This is the new lynching. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen to that white television producer Weinstein, He took 5 times the amount of pussy Bill Cosby took. That man is 81 years old, That ugly Lesbian should be ashamed of herself.

  • Look at the Evidence

    If someone put his hands in my panys, I would not go back to his at 10 pm month later and take pills he offered me. I would also go to the police if I woke up with him violating me immediately instead of continuing to see him.
    The fact that Constand went to a personal injury lawyer before contacting police is another reason. And these are all statements she has confirmed are true.
    I am not sure if Mr. Cosby raped her, but I certainly have a reasonable doubt about Ms. Constand's allegations.


    It doesn't matter whether we like Mr. Cosby or not. That I have heard or seen, every thing dragged out about him in this matter is sensational HERESY and a "witch hunt." He DESERVES DUE PROCESS the same as ANYONE else in this country. Many of these so-call "women coming forward" to report they had been assaulted by Bill Cosby are way over the statute of limitations. Also some of them
    put themselves in situations with Mr. Cosby where it became more or less a matter of "assumed risk," (drinking with him, then going to his hotel room, visiting Bill Cosby when he was in bed, visiting him at the Play Boy Mansion, etc.) True rape and sexual molestation are always WRONG, but the circumstances surrounding some of these
    tellings of these alleged Cosby sexual harassment/assault stories
    are very suspected in most of the cases. Including that, ask any
    public defender years and years have past since the supposed "incidents" and these women are trying to recount their stories for the first time, when the human mind loses about 50% recall after
    just the FIRST YEAR ALONE.

  • It's not true

    We need more evidence if we are to believe these women. Why is that 1 or 2 out of 50 or so people decided to come out and say Bill Cosby raped them. 49 or so women can't possibly be scared of telling people. Some of the rape allegations supposedly happened in the 50's and 60's which is when there was black segregation, so how did the women get into Bill's hotels. Or we have is word of mouth no real tangible evidence. Why can't these women provide us with some. These women are also meant to be playboy bunnies so they aren't as white as snow. Even if he raped them he can't go to jail because at but 1 have surpassed the statute of limitations.

  • I don't believe it.

    Yes, there are many accusations on Bill Cosby but why did everyone wait so long to say anything? To my knowledge there has been a few people that had come forward and if this is to be true I would know that someone would be too scared to say anything. But not every single girl should and/or would have been scared. Someone would have said something a while ago.

    Not only did everyone wait so long but it seems as if everyone is just joining in while this opportunity for false accusations is open. When there is evidence of these cases then I will believe. Until then, he didn't do anything.

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