Do you believe the real problem in health care has to do with extreme overcharging from hospitals and doctors?

  • Yes, many health care problems stem from overcharging by hospitals and doctors.

    Anyone who's received even modest medical treatment without the benefit of health insurance can tell you of the horrors of medical bills. The figures associated with treatment are often inexplicable and all out of proportion to the nature of the services rendered. We need greater transparency in the price of medical treatment if we want to really fix the health care industry.

  • Overcharging from healthcare

    Yes I do believe that health care has a big problem with charging an extreme amount of money for doctors and hospitals. People need this care and most can not afford it. I would rather fast food be the most expensive thing. Stuff that makes you better should be cheap.

  • Yes, the vast majority of low income earners cannot afford adequate health care because of the costs

    Low income earners cannot afford adequate medical insurance and cannot pay the often high costs of medical services.This leads to a great number of people being rejected or denied medical care, simply because they lack the purchasing power to acquire or finance these services. While I agree that the doctors specialized knowledge and expertise after years of study and significant investment in tuition fees must be compensated, there should be a manner of breaching the gap in providing affordable health care and medical personnel compensation, as well as the use of medical facilities.

  • Yes and No.

    I voted no because while I do believe cost is part of the problem in health care, it is not the real problem. Overcharging is necessary emergency hospitals are force to treat everyone regardless of whether they are able to pay. This forces hospitals and doctors to increase the charge and therefore transfers the cost to the paying patients which in turn make it unaffordable for some people. Then people file for bankruptcy and more hospitals bills are not paid (and more overcharging necessary). The cycle continues.

    Cost can go down if hospitals know they will get paid for the services they provided.

  • The real problem in health care is not the fault of hospitals and doctors, but insurance companies.

    Health insurance companies in the United States do not exist for the benefit of their customers, but for their own profits. Insurance companies charge higher and higher rates each year, while not substantially improving coverage. Even when a person is covered, insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying for medical care.

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