Do you believe the right to strike should be held by employees of government, as well as military personnel?

  • Yes It Should

    I believe the right to strike should be held by employees of government and especially military personnel. I believe military personnel are denied a lot of rights that they supposedly protect on a daily basis. I believe all people should have the right to strike regardless of who they work for.

  • Government employees, including military personnel should have the right to strike.

    Yes, government employees, including military personnel should maintain the right to collectively strike if working conditions are unfair. It is truly important for workers to be able to maintain the right to band together collectively to exert some power and influence over their working conditions. Even though big business often finds this unfavorable, it is important to maintain a higher standard of quality for government employees.

  • Yes, the military should have that right.

    As a former Airmen, I find it pathetic that we basically give up our constitutional rights as Americans for the UCMJ when we go into the military. When you sign up to serve your country, you should get more right if anything. Having them stripped and not being able to demonstrate is pretty bad.

  • They are a public servant.

    No, I do not believe that the right to strike should be held by employees of the government, and military personnel, because they knew what the job was when they signed on for it. When a person agrees to work for the government, they agree to perform a public service at a certain pay. If they strike, they should be fired.

  • Striking in these cases is unacceptable.

    It is widely known, That all employees have the right to strike to claim better working conditions, The ideal working place and a wage equivalent of the services they offer. However, I believe that the role of government employees, Such as police officers and firefighters, Is so significant, That they should not strike in any case. In case of working strike, People put in danger. In the event of a fire or a criminal action, Who is the one who is going to guarantee social safety? The protester policemen and firefighters? Consequently, There should be other people, Relevant to government employees, Who should protest, Strike and generally fight for working rights.

  • For some government employees, but never for the military.

    I think that non-essential employees of the government should have the right to strike. So no, police, fire, and air traffic controllers, you don't get that option. And in cases of the military, never. If you don't like the deal you're getting from the armed forces, you should not have joined up.

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