• Yes they do

    Yes, I do think that they are trying to adapt to Western society, and I think that they are all most all of the way adapted by now. I think that they are pretty much the same as everyone else, and are not following many of their old customs they have.

  • They Just Want Acceptance

    The Roma just want acceptance, period end of story. Eventually, their young people will be more willing to give up silly traditions and adapt to mainstream Western civilization like the rest of Europe. Like some traditions that get phased out when modernization occurs, the Roma will be the same way.

  • They don't know how.

    Yes, I believe that the Roma people want to adapt to Western society, because they have not been hostile to the idea. Despite their shortcomings, they have shown that they want to be a part of Europe with its cultures and traditions. They have only shown that they don't know how to adapt to their new life.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I think that like many other minority groups in various countries the Roma people do not want to have to do all the adapting to western society. Instead, they would hope that their ways and culture could be recognized by the larger society. They would want to be integrated in such a way that their customs could contribute to western society not be obliterated by it.

  • Roma People dn't want to adapt

    I do not belief the Roma people want to adapt to western society because it is to big a change for them to be comfortable with. The Roma people are set in their ways and it is difficult for them to change directions. It would be good for them to change, but they won't.

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