• Oh yes it does

    Yes, with him being so hushed about things it means that there is something that they don't want the American people to know. They are up to something our crooked politicians are doing something and they have more than likely told him to be quiet or something would happen to him or his family.

  • I don't think Thomas silence proves anything

    I do not believe Clarence Thomas’ silence proves anything or is supposed to prove anything. He is merely sitting and listening to the arguments the lawyers present to him. Some may say he isn’t paying attention, but he has contributed a great deal to court decisions. Maybe he just doesn’t care for the question section and believe the lawyers should present their case.

  • Silence never proves anything

    Assumptions are all that can be made from silence. Proving something requires evidence, or at least statements. Thomas' silence is definitely not helping him look better, in fact worse, but no one can honestly say it proves anything one way or another because we simply do not know what is or was going on.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe the silence of Clarence Thomas proves anything. It would seem Clarence Thomas is set in his views and he clearly does his job. He has a family to take care of as well. He has written a few books and he's outspoken enough that his platforms are well know. His silence may simply be due to the fact that he's actually a pretty busy person.

  • No, Thomas' silence doesn't prove anything.

    I do not believe that the silence of Clarence Thomas proves anything. I think that people should not make assumption either way just because Clarence Thomas decides to not comment on a subject. People should also realize that until all the facts are out, they should not place any type of guilt on anybody.

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