• It Once Was

    I believe the social security program is worthwhile, or rather it was. For the people who are collecting it now, it maybe 75% of what it should have been. They are not reaping the actual benefits they were promised, but only a fraction of them. For people prior to this time who actually received it, they benefited quite a bit. For people in the future, they will get even less. I feel like my chances of benefiting from social security are quite slim and therefore, I have my doubts that it is worthwhile.

  • If it is funded

    I do think the Social Security program is worthwhile but I fear if it will be 100% funded in years to come. I just feel that greedy politicians have dipped their hand into the proverbial well too many times when it comes to Social Security. I hope that Social Security is still around when I qualify for it but I can't say for sure if it will be.

  • Yes, social security is worthwhile.

    I definitely think that the social security program is something that is worthwhile. It is a system that I truly believe in and it helps a lot of people. I think that it is something that people should continues to support. It is however scary to think that the program might be abolished because of the debt.

  • Yes, I do believe the social security program is worthwhile.

    Prior to the passage of the Social Security Act, the poverty rate for senior citizens was very high. A lot of seniors continued working long past the normal retirement age due to the lack of money necessary to retire. Upon implementation of the Social Security Act the poverty rate among seniors declined and more seniors found themselves able to retire and live comfortably. The program is worth continuing because people do not always make great investments and having the Social Security funds withheld and distributed upon retirement makes certain all people will have some income when they are most vulnerable.

  • It is theft.

    No, I do not believe that the social security program is worthwhile, because it is unsustainable. The social security program worked out well for my grand parent's generation. They got far more out of it than they ever paid in. But for younger generations, we will never receive what we have paid into it.

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