Do you believe the Soviet Union would have survived had their economy been more capitalist?

  • Yes, I do think so

    You have to take out the fact that there was a lot of corruption in Russia,but if they had been more capitalists,it may have worked. The people just lashed out at the and the system failed. It was eating itself from the inside out since it started. It was a bad system.

  • Yes, I do.

    I think communism is a possibility as long as it is blended with other economic means. Capitalism is equally as usless as communism on its own as well. I still think, to this day, a blend of capitalism, socialism, and communism is the best approach to governance and economic leadership.

  • They wouldn't have wanted change.

    Yes, I believe that the Soviet Union would have survived if their economy had been more capitalist, because people revolted against the Soviet Union because it was so poor. If people had been allowed to grow and keep their own wealth, they would not have been discontent to begin with.

  • Capitalism Would Have Succeeded

    Capitalism would have made life in the Soviet Union a lot better. Leaders would have been held more accountable in a capitalist government. Soviet leaders may have still been despotic even with capitalism, but the economy wouldn't have tanked nearly as much in 1990 and 1991. When the economy self-destructed, the leaders went away.

  • No, the Soviet Union would not have survived even with a capitalist society.

    I do not believe that the Soviet Union would have survived even with a capitalistic society. The reason the Soviet Union didn't survive was because the United States of America was just too powerful in terms of the foreign stage. The Soviet Union could not compete when it came to international policies.

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