• Yes, it is

    I think if we truly are impacting the global ecosystem then we do have to worry about it. The age has to be a short one, or it maybe our last. The issues that arise from the polar ice caps melting are very alarming, specially to us who live on sea level.

  • Yes it should

    We should be concerned about the age of Anthropocene because it shows that the large burst of human population over the last 600 years has really made a huge impact on our planet. It makes it seem like there are huge changes happening in a very, very short amount of time.

  • The Age of Anthropocene is cause for worry.

    Man is known to be a killer of species during the age of anthropogenic. This is cause for worry, because we have yet to stop the activities that are killing species. Man is also known as the destroyer of environments during the age of anthropocene. This doesn't refer to the entire environment, but to specific ones. Places that house something that man wants are completely disregarded as irrelevant

  • No, there's not enough information

    Though the theory has a lot of evidence, it is a long way from being proven and even if it were, we have no way of knowing exactly what it means. Besides, what good would worry do? I think energy is better used learning more about the concept and trying to figure out the significance.

  • It's a biased term.

    I don't think that the supposed age of the Anthropocene is really something that we have to worry about. It's a convenient but controversial term used by certain ecologists to describe mankind's impact upon the Earth's environment. Since it's mostly used to bash human development, it's clear that it's not scientific, but political.

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