Do you believe the tax system should benefit married couples (yes) or punish them (no)?

  • Of course it should benefit them!

    Of course the tax system should benefit married couples! Why on earth would you want to punish people who have decided to make an important commitment, unlike the majority who is sleeping around, living together, etc., etc.? Responsibility and commitment must be rewarded. Punish those who sleep around and then abort their children!

  • Help em out

    Less and less people are getting married and staying married now, so they need to be helped out with the tax system. Plus, when your married, you have a lot of expenses that single people do not, so they need a little help when it comes to their taxes to take away stress.

  • It should benefit them.

    I think the tax system should benefit everyone, single or married. I can't see any reason as to why the tax system should punish a married couple though. Because single people are currently punished? No, just make it the same for everyone and do away with all of this nonsense.

  • Only those options?

    I have always believed that government should neither reward or punish for being married. Taxes should be on an individual basis. Taking this a step further...Not sure the government should offer child tax credits either unless the government is going to mandate reproduction. Seems to me that we are the ones who make the choices in both instances......

  • It should do neither.

    I do not believe that the tax system should benefit married couples, because they already get plenty of other benefits for being married. Married people already get large deductions for children. Married people already get to capitalize on lower living costs from living in the same household. They receive enough, and can afford a bit extra in taxes.

  • Taxes should only help out married people with kids.

    If you got tax breaks for being married people would corrupt the system in a heartbeat. I think when kids come into play and money gets tighter, some breaks and loop holes should be looked into. I think in the long run kids are the only part that should be looked at. Marriage isn't a business opportunity, its a bond.

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