• Yes It Is

    To me the term military justice is somewhat of an oxymoron because as an American I usually identify justice with fairness. So, I do not believe this idea of an oxymoron would be international so to speak. In some countries justice could easily be equated with the military and no one would think anything about it.

  • I do not.

    I do not believe the term military justice is an oxymoron. That would mean that military and justice means that they contradict each other, and they do not. There is plenty of ways that military justice is a real thing that has consequences and is not just simply an oxymoron.

  • They have a justice system.

    No, I do not believe that the term military justice is an oxymoron, because the military has a justice system to deal with certain things. When people in the military cannot follow procedures and otherwise misbehave, there is a disciplinary procedure in order to have a fair penalty. This is justice. They have their fair process.

  • Military justice is real and a real protection.

    I don't believe the term military justice is an oxymoron. This is because the military defends our country and has the power to deliver justice for its citizens. The government protects taxpayers against terrorists and the military has its own way of delivering justice. There are people who take this protection too lightly though.

  • No, it's not an oxymoron.

    Military justice is simply the judicial system used within many of the world's militaries, outside of their country's founding documents or normal sets of laws. I don't understand how the phrase or the actuality of military justice could be considered an oxymoron. Though, having served, I do find military justice laughable.

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