• Yes they are the same.

    Both of these words mean that the people who are the most present in society rule, they are part of the masses. One of them means that the group that is most prevelant in society and the other means the one that the masses rule. These are both the same.

  • The tyranny of the majority

    The tyranny of the majority should be every bit as offensive to the American sensibilities as the tyranny of the oligarchs, or the dictator. Liberty, for all. Not for the ones that worship the right god, or believe in the same politics. For all. It's amazing how hard that is for some people to understand. Perhaps true individual autonomy is a goal we will never reach, but it's one worth fighting for.

  • I believe the terms majoritism and mobocracy are the same thing.

    I believe the terms majoritism and mobocracy are the same thing. Both of these terms refer to majority of the population being given the right to make the decisions of the society, or a rule or domination of the masses. In the case of majoritism it is the former definition, in the case of mobocracy it is the latter decision.

  • No they are different

    Mobocracy can be attain by simply exciting or by encourage group of people or mob and on any matter no matter its a valid one or not , where as majority is attained by collecting individual openion on any matter or for any matter and having more then half in favour

  • No, they are different.

    The majority in political terms often refers to those who are somewhat mainstream in their views and so are not heard but still sort of get what they want. The mob develops when the oppressed minorities find their voice and decide that they inequality of opportunity they experience is too much to take.

  • No, majorityism and mobocracy are not the same.

    I do not believe that the terms majorityism and mobocracy are the same. Even in name, the two words are different. The term "majority" means basically the greater number while "mob" refers to a large group of people. That basically explains what each term means. That is why they are not the same.

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