• Yes, I think the threat from Saddam's WMD's was exaggerated.

    The Government already had the public on it's side after 9/11 to go after whoever did it and the Government likely willingly exaggerated the WMD threat from Saddam to push Americans over the line in regards to supporting the war, I think it's very clear all these years later that Saddam never posed any nuclear threat to the United States.

  • The threat of WMD's was exaggerated.

    It has been shown several times that the claims that Saddam Hussein held weapons of mass destruction, otherwise known as WMDs, in Iraq, were overblown. The entire American public was misled by these claims, as it caused us to enter full steam into a war we weren't prepared to fight or stick out.

  • Yes It Was

    I believe the threat from Saddam's WMD's was exaggerated. We never found one shred of evidence that the WMD's even existed. Those directly involved in the war can tell you that they never saw or even suspected anything involved with WMD's. This was a creation of the American government, not a legitimate concern.

  • I believe the threat from Saddam's WMD's was exaggerated.

    I believe the threat from Saddam's WMD's was exaggerated. There were people that accused the former government of issuing “lies” to the public about the dictator’s capacity to launch weapons of mass destruction. It was a "disgrace" that ministers failed to exhaust all peaceful options before going to war against Iraq.

  • They had evidence.

    No, I do not believe the threat from Saddam's WMD were exaggerated, because there was strong proof that he had the weapons. If he did not have them, he certainly wanted the world to believe that he had them. He would have used the weapons on us or on his own people.

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