Do you believe the timber industry needs new policies in the United States?

  • Every thing needs to be addressed after so long

    The timber industry is actually pretty good from what I have seen, as far as replanting trees once they cut them down. The question we should be asking is how loosing the big trees and replacing them with the little trees effects the environment? If it is not to serious, then no major policy changes need to be made to the timber industry.

  • The timber industry needs new policies in the United States.

    It is clear that the timber industry in the United States needs to make changes in order to limit their environmental impact. If the government allows companies to cut down trees without any regulations, there could be severe consequence for the environment. Trees should be protected in order to help the environment.

  • No, I don't believe the timer industry needs new policies in the United States.

    I believe that there are already enough laws and regulations on the Timer industry in the United States, I feel that there are clear rules and boundaries that the Timer industry must respect and the Timer companies can remain profitable even with these limitations, I don't see a new to impose harsher policies or loosening existing ones.

  • There is plenty left.

    No, I do not believe that the timber industry needs new policies in the United States, because the timber industry appears to be working just fine. There is plenty of land left to find trees. When we start to run out, people start tree farms to grow more. The timber industry does not need any more regulation than it has.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that we need to have a policy change in the US. I think that it is just fine how it is not and that we do not need to change it up at all, since we may end up making it a whole lot worse.

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