• Yes, I believe this type of primary is smart and efficient

    I'm in favor of the top two primary system because it would allow independent voters like myself the opportunity to vote at the primary level. It would also put the focus on who the best candidate is, instead of what party they are representing. Also, I believe it will have a moderating influence on candidates, forcing those who are on the far right and left wings to adopt more mainstream positions in order to compete against a more diverse field of candidates.

  • The Top Two

    I personally think that the Top Two primary popular in California will work because it is popular as well as well known.I personally think that the Top Two primary popular in California will work because the top two primary is already popular which it would be easier to work together.

  • Yes, I'm all for it!

    Yes, I think the Top Two primary in California is an excellent idea. I think Californians will find it very refreshing to vote for the candidate rather than the political party. I think this takes away the label and makes the candidate stand on his own merit rather than a party affiliation. I hope the rest of the country adopts it.

  • I don't think so

    This method does not seem like it will work very well and I don't think it is something we can rely on. I understand why people wanted to try the top two primary system, but it doesn't seem like something that will fix the problem. We do need to change, but maybe not this way.

  • California is wrong

    California tries to be a trend setter with many things in America and the state has alot of influence over other states. I do not believe the top two primary that California has will work. The state is trying to be different than other states and this is something that will not work well.

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