• Trickle-down can work.

    The trickle down effect works in economics because when people make money, they inevitably either save it or invest it. Saving it puts more stores and safety in the U.S. government. Investing it puts money into the pockets of corporations that create jobs. In addition, some people donate extra money, and this gives money directly to those in need.

  • Yes trickle down economics works.

    While it may seem unfair that the top elite make the most money, they're also the ones who invest in new business and create new jobs. Those that make the most spend the most, and help create a stronger economy. When higher earning individuals buy more products, the average earning person who works for those companies makes more money in the long run.

  • More to spend.

    Yes, I believe that the trickle down effect works in economics, because it filters into all people in society. A person who has a lot of money might buy a boat. Then a person will have a job making boats. The person with the money might hire someone else to do their work. Then the person has a job as an assistant. Those people will buy other things. It works.

  • No, I do not

    I think it works for the time being,but down the road it causes major issues. The trickle down theory is why we face so many issues today. I think a form of it may be good overall,but you have to look towards the future, rather than the here and now.

  • It sounds good though

    What worked were when unions were strong. Trickle down economics do not work because most every thing rich people buy is from other rich people. How is that trickling down to the rest of the economy? A few rich people might buy Burger King every once in a blue moon, but that is not really helping the economy all that much, now is it?

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