Do you believe the two-party system used in the United States is a good system?

  • Yes, its worked fine

    I think getting a different party in their would help,but that hasn't happened forever. If you look all the way back, its always been two dominate parties. The issue with that is, they are just too different, they always butt heads. I think in time with new methods a new system will be put into place.

  • Not Perfect, But Good Enough

    America's two-party system isn't perfect, but it is good enough for American politics at this point. There can be more than two parties, but enough support must be garnered at local, state and federal levels to make any progress. The Tea Party is a perfect example--its members are too fractured and don't have a national leader to form a solid party. Instead, Tea Party groups are scattered among state and local coalitions that have no cohesion. If these groups would get together, they'd give the GOP a run for its money in congressional elections.

  • No, it is rife with corruption

    A two party system suggests that there are only two possible views on any subject and that is ridiculous. A two party system means that a person who doesn't agree with either of the two opinions has no representation in the government, which means that there is no democracit process.

  • no parties would be better

    Get rid of all parties because all they do is divide the country. Let people actually have to think for themselves who is the best candidate to run our country. People just listen to what all their friends and family tell them. They listen to the news that most resembles what their friends and family tell them. The no party system would make people have to think for themselves.

  • More parties need to come to the fore.

    The two-party system used in the United States is not a good system. We need more parties to come to the fore. It seems the two are the only ones that gain any footing at all in the elections. We need to make sure that more parties like Green or Freedom get more popular.

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