• Yes, sometimes the UN uses soldiers to keep the peace

    The United Nations is a forum where the nations of the world
    can come together to solve problems amicably. It promotes peace by developing
    friendly relations among all members. The UN’s aid agencies help children,
    improve health, bring social progress and improve living standards while they
    promote civil rights. In a sense, wherever the UN Peacekeepers appear, they
    are a sign that the processes the UN sets itself to promote have failed.
    Someday perhaps, these soldiers of the UN will not be needed, but right now,
    they save lives.

  • should be militarized

    U.S. Leadership, with all its shortcomings and missteps, has been the glue and underwriter of global stability since World War Two more than any other nation. Even with the world experiencing its greatest shift of economic and political power since the 19th century, no other country is emerging or looks likely to emerge that would be as prepared or equipped to exercise leadership on behalf of the global good.

  • The UN should not be militarized.

    The UN is an organization that is meant to bring peace and avoid war/ conflicts. There is no need to militarize them because the countries which are represented by the UN often will band together and use their military to enforce what is decided. The UN should remain an equal platform for countries not a force in itself.

  • The UN is supposed to represent peace.

    The idea that the UN should have a formal enforcement mechanism is misguided. Technically the military enforcement mechanism of the UN is a gaggle of military support from the various member countries of the UN raised at the time of a crisis. So there is a militarization of sorts already in place. However, creating an empire like structure with its own military would be bad for the world. Beyond that, this military could only be made up of 2 or 3 countries and language/cultural issues would be rampant.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that they need to change anything about the UN, and that in needs to stay the same and stay running the same as it has since it was formed. I think that the UN does a great job and that it is a very important program.

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