• It is a terrible problem.

    Yes, I believe that the United Kingdom should sign anti-sex trafficking directives, because sex trafficking is a terrible problem. It is absolutely a large problem in the United Kingdom and in all developed countries. Anything that the government can do to stop this problem might make a difference for a child.

  • Yes, the UK should sign anti-sex trafficking directives.

    I think the United Kingdom should do everything that they can to try to thwart any illegal activity in regards to sex-trafficking. I think that all the nations on Earth should try to work together to abolish such a horrible criminal activity. That is why the UK should sign such politicies.

  • It is important

    All nations need to be getting involved with anti-sex trafficking directives. There is probaly no country in the world untouched by the issue, and major players like the UK can go a long way towards shaping the public opinion about the issue. They should take a lead for and responsibility towards the issue.

  • End sex trafficking NOW

    It's time for sex trafficking to end for good. Anyone caught in the act, should be punished severely. This is a national concern and should be handled by creating directives to help track and catch the culprits. There should also be consequences that can have action taken on them quickly. Children and adults alike suffer from this issue and it's time to put it to an end.

  • Yes, it would be beneficial

    Yes, I believe the United Kingdom should sign anti-sex trafficking directives. As it is an island nation, this will be particularly effective. Compliance with common European practices should minimize the amount of sex trafficking that can go on in the United Kingdom. It would also encourage other countries to do the same.

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