• United Kingdom and The Pope

    I personally think that the United Kingdom should warmly welcome the Pope because the Pope is apart of the United Kingdom and it would be more respectful to welcome him. I personally.think that the United Kingdom should warmly welcome the Pope because the United Kingdom is a warmly place to welcome people in general.

  • Yes, they should

    He's not a criminal figure, its the hope. He's a figure that stands for peace and prosperity. The ability for him to be welcome everywhere is just as much as the presidents is. You can't not welcome the Pope,especially in the United Kingdom. Religious beliefs are just as strong in the United Kingdom as they are across the globe.

  • Yes, the UK should welcome the pope with open arms.

    The United Kingdom should welcome the Pope. While England is home of the Anglican Church, it should still welcome the Catholic Pope as he is showing himself to be a true champion of real, authentic Christian values. He has reached out to people of all creeds and shown compassion and Christian love.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the United Kingdom should warmly welcome the Pope. As the figure head of the Catholic Church I believe the Pope should be received properly in every country he visits because he deserves respect from all people regardless of their religion or their position on the Catholic Church or its beliefs.

  • Yes, this pope.

    I think the UK should warmly welcome this pope, because he may just be the most progressive and secular pope the world has ever seen. He is even in support of gay rights. This guy should be welcomed with open arms because of all the good he is trying to instil.

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