Do you believe the United Kingdom would be better off using the alternative vote system (yes) or the first-past-the-post system (no)?

  • The vote counts more.

    I believe that the United Kingdom would be better off using the alternative vote system, because people are more enthusiastic voting if they believe that their vote is going to count more. The United Kingdom's citizens would be happier voting if they knew their vote would count for someone else if the person they voted for first wasn't going to get many votes.

  • Alternative Voting Cuts Down on General Elections

    Alternative voting, or preference voting, leads to an instant run-off between the top-two choices in order of preference. The UK can adopt this system in order to reduce the number of general elections after a primary election. With alternative voting, voters get a preference in order of first, second and third candidates. When candidates are eliminated based upon first choices, then the second choices and third choices come into play until one candidate has a majority of votes on a ballot.

  • United Kingdom voters should have there vote counted only for there choice

    People in the United Kingdom should have their votes only counted toward their candidate and not others. Using the AVS system, votes are reallocated to other candidates if one does not receive 50% of the preferred vote. Under the first post system, votes are not reallocated.Voters would not want their vote helping another candidate because theirs did not received the allotted percentage.

  • The majority wins

    First of all, past the post or FPTP as it is referred to, should be the United Kingdom's voting system. When a candidate receives the majority of the votes they should be declared the winner. Secondly, the process of denoting a first, second, and possibly third choice is just ridiculous.

  • Neither will work

    In order for voting to work, it has to be fair and consistent, neither exist in voting in this day and age, and I'm not sure if it ever has. Voting has been proven to be rigged at different times in the past in not only the United Kingdom but other countries as well. Until people stop rigging the elections it will not matter what type of system is used.

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