Do you believe the United Kingdom's public health system could be compared to 3rd world health systems?

  • A poor public health system

    The United Kingdom's public health system could be compared to that of 3rd world health systems. The long wait times for major surgeries or even seeing a general practitioner for a checkup is very long. And the quality of the care is no where near what it is in America.

  • public health system

    I personally agree,Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) was established in the wake of World War II amid a broad consensus that health care should be made available to all. Yet the British only barely succeeded in overcoming professional opposition to form the NHS out of the prewar mixture of limited national insurance, various voluntary insurance schemes, charity care, and public health services.

  • Yes, health care without empathy is not health care.

    One does not have to dig far to find multiple instances of where the public health care system in the U.K. is seen to be slow, uncaring, unconcerned with patients or their families and an undue burden on medical professionals at all levels. Increased size of the system, along with it's increased red tape and interpersonal separation has led to a monster that, while consuming resources at an alarming rate, generates actual care that is often times inferior to that of lesser developed nations.

  • Do you live in england?

    Because I do, and I do not get, and I mean really do not get, why you are likening our NHS to a third world country? The only long wait times, and they're not even that bad, is when you got to A+E with a non life threatening emergency. If you need major surgery, you get it, obviously it's not going to be next day but I have never heard any complaints about the waiting times for surgery. When cancer is suspected the NHS's maximum waiting time for action is two weeks, and they really do not exercise that right. If you want to see a GP then you call the surgery you're registered to and you make an appointment, I've had same day appointments, ones for the next day but not more than a couple of days after calling up. Also, I am pretty sure the quality of care in America is down to how much money you have. We do not discriminate in England, if you need medical help, you have it, no matter how much money you have. There is private healthcare for those who have the money for it but our National Health Service is, in my opinion, one of the best in the world and it is quite offensive that you would compare it to the third bloody world.

  • A good system

    No, I think that they have a good healh system over there, and that it is for sure way better that any of the third world countries of today, where a whole lot of people die all the time because of the poor health care that they have over there.

  • There can be no comparison between the two health care systems.

    Health care in the United Kingdom can not be compared to health care in 3rd world countries. The United Kingdom has one of the superior health care systems in the world, it is superior even to the United States. In contrast to that third world health care is not universal, and you often risk getting infections because of improper methods of disinfection. There are also not as many skilled doctors in third world countries as there are in the UK.

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