• Yes, I think that the United Nations is dysfunctional.

    The United Nations has largely been an ineffective organization overall, every time one nation wants to take a measure against one nation of the other nations will block them from doing so, since often Russian and Chinese interests directly conflict with European and United States interests, it results in a very dysfunctional organization that has accomplished little.

  • Everything is dysfunctional

    Businesses, governments, families, and the United Nations are all dysfunctional. All you can hope for is that they are more functional than dysfunctional. Nothing is perfect, and while the United Nations could use a lot of improvement, they are not as bad as people say though. They do the best they can, and one can only wonder what the world would like without the United Nations.

  • It is dysfunctional.

    Yes, I do think that the United Nations is dysfunctional. But so is any entity that large. Especially when it involves several governments who are all trying to work together. You have too many powerful countries vying for power, and too much back and forth between the nations' leaders all the time.

  • The United Nations is disfunctional

    The United Nations is totally disfunctional because there is so much red tape in the organization. So much money gets wasted that goes to the organization and most of that money comes from the American tax payers. The United Nations also has no power to enforce their policies that they establish.

  • It only reflects the views of the minority of countries.

    I believe the United Nations is dysfunctional. The nations involved have interests and aims that are just too diverse from each other to agree. The few rich western countries are able to wield power that is disproportionate to their number, and smaller countries have very little influence at all. It simply pretends to represent the worlds view, and rubber stamps the policies of the rich western powers.

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