• Yes We Can

    I believe the United States can solve its illegal immigration problems. I believe we could have already taken care of this if politicians would simply compromise to fix the problem. At this point I think it has little to do with how it is done, just as long as we address the issues and problems associated with it.

  • Yes, America, we can solve the illegal immigrant problem.

    I believe the country can fix the immigration problem by firstly stop giving handouts to those who come here illegally and no respect for the laws. I get these people come from hard times which is why our government needs to acknowledge the problem countries in which most illegals come from. Aid in helping these countries become better so that their people wont want or need to leave. Instead of all the free handouts this country gives. Why are we rewarding those who don't do it the right and legal way.

  • If we are willing.

    Yes, I believe that the United States can solve its illegal immigrant problem, but the government acts as though it doesn't want to. If we required verification of status in order to employ a person, and if we did not give government benefits to people who cannot prove that they are citizens, people would go back home.

  • If people stopped having their head stuck up their ass

    The only possible way we could solve this "illegal immigrant problem" is if we radically change the way we deal with the "problem."
    The main reason people try to move to the US from Mexico and different countries in Central America (I'm using this area for this argument) is because of the extreme poverty that relations with the US has left them. For example, NAFTA promised to help promote business and trade between the US and Mexico, bringing them into first world country status, but instead the US ruined the Mexican economy. Their economy has been taken over by American businesses, leaving many in devastating poverty.
    We spend around a billion dollars PER MILE of the US-Mexican border. People die trying to cross Mexico, becoming victims of gang violence and rape, just to name one of the dozens of life threatening, dehumanizing, violent things that happen to these immigrants.
    One of the biggest reasons the US has seen such a huge increase in undocumented immigrants is because the trip to America has become so dangerous.
    Before, people used to work for a while in America and then leave.
    Now, because the trip is so dangerous and life threatening, it is smarter to just settle roots in America and not have to make the trip again.
    The way to solve this problem, WHICH AMERICA LARGELY CONTRIBUTED TO BY THE WAY, is to stop stigmatizing and dehumanizing the people just trying to save their families from extreme poverty. We have to see the problem with all its facts, not just blindly throw the word "illegal immigrant" around. Congress needs to understand and fix the root of the problem rather than punish the victims of the problem.
    But let's face it, the American public prefers comfortable ignorance over harsh truth, and when was the last time Congress was willing or agreed to create such radical change, even if the change was logical?

  • The US will not solve its illegal immigrant problem

    Too many politicians are catering to and gaining support from Latino groups to ever rationally deal with the illegal immigrant problem. If you sneak into Mexico you go to jail and then get deported. But if you sneak in here you get free health care, food stamps and in-state tuition.

  • No, not completely

    There are many things that can be done to lessen the illegal immigrant problem, including tightening up the borders and also working with illegal immigrants to make them legal rather than deporting them. However, the problem can never be completely eradicated, because no laws are perfect, and neither are the borders.

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