Do you believe the United States government responded appropriately to Hurricane Katrina?

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  • Federal Government Dropped the Ball

    The National Guard should have been in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit, not after. There should have been bases set up a few days before the storm hit so resources could be doled out appropriately and more people could have been evacuated to safety. The federal response to Katrina still isn't good because there are still people living in FEMA trailers a full eight years after the deadly hurricane.

  • No, it didn't

    The response time and magnitude of the response were both abysmal. The conditions people were forced to live (or, die) in were horrible, and while the country acknowledged it was an issue, it didn't act like it was a very big one. There should have been a much better response planned.

  • No I Don't

    I do not think that the United States responded appropriately to Hurricane Katrina. I think that the US government tried but I do not think that they did their best. I think that they could have had a better plan and could have been more organized. Hurricane Katrina was a disaster and hopefully we will be more prepared the next time a natural disaster strikes.

  • The United States government did not respond appropriately to Hurricane Katrina.

    The United States government did not respond appropriately to Hurricane Katrina. The United States government and FEMA were too slow to respond. People were told to go to the Dome and they managed to get there and found there was no running water. That was an extremely unsanitary situation. The people were hungry and thirsty and they could not get answers from anyone.

  • No, many mistakes were made

    I think the initial response was too slow and there was no real plan in place as there should have been. Once the response began, I think too much was done that doesn't matter and too little that could have helped. I also think many people abused the help they were given.

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