• Absolutely, we should.

    People keep arguing that we need the IRS to collect taxes. I don't think any intelligent person would propose that we don't need taxes, but that is what the Treasury Department is for. If we abolished the stupid tax code and tax on income, or simply changed it to a flat tax, we wouldn't need something as overblown and convoluted as the IRS. Furthermore, the IRS acts as the militant arm of the government against its citizens. That must stop.

  • The United states should disolve the IRS

    The US government should dissolve the IRS because it is a highly flawed system to collect revenue. There are to many loopholes for big money to weasel out of paying their fair share. I feel that a flat tax for everyone depending on your annual income will be much easier to police and to distribute to programs and agencies that the government supports.

  • People don't believe in the IRS

    The IRS has had many difficulties connecting to citizens over legal and tax issues. They have never really had the trust of the public and eventually government should look into maybe coming up with an alternative perspective to the IRS. This act may restore better communication and lower audits in the future.

  • Why not and save money

    Other countries have systems in place (that function much more efficently) that do the job of the irs without the wasted manpower, Time, Or money. Just because the tax preppers lobby and throw money at our representatives are the only reason we have not adopted to any other system. The govt has all the info necessary to file our taxes, Or they wouldnt be able to stop refunds for reviews. . . . . . . .

  • The federal govt. National debts, unneeded wars, waste, fraud, greed and never ending immigration, waste, the U.N, NATO & NSA spying.

    The federal govt. Can go horrible overreaches by unelected federal judges (tyrants) that have torn apart the social fabric with gay marriage & abortion etc. Spying by the NSA, no border control, no customs control, we don't need the national debt, the U.N or NATO. The federal gov is a fail.

  • Keeping the IRS would be smart.

    The United States government should not dissolve the IRS. Citizens have to pay taxes, whether they like it or not, to make society function on the public level. The IRS is already an established organization so it is best to filter tax-paying through them. The taxes should be radically restructered and lowered, however.

  • Keep the IRS

    I do think that we need the IRS. The silly notion that we do not need taxes is what really needs to go. Countries run off of taxes, and you need a central agency to collect them. I do think the tax system needs to be revamped and the IRS improved, but do not dissolve it.

  • Our tax system

    No, the government should not dissolve the IRS at all. This is our system for taxing, and is very important. We have to have this system to control all of the taxes that comes in to our government, and make sure that everyone pays what they are supposed to pay.

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