• Yes, I think the US has offered enough help to Haiti.

    Overall I think the United States has been very generous sending aid and resources to Haiti after the earthquake, I think the United States feels an obligation to help countries like Haiti after they experience a natural disaster and I think most of the time we go above and beyond what is required.

  • Above and beyond

    It's wonderful the way we jump to help out natural disasters elsewhere in the world, and yet when it's US citizens starving, or homeless, or trying to rebuild their city after it floods, it drowns in a sea of red tape and politics. I believe we've done plenty to help Haiti, and I'm reasonably certain efforts are ongoing by international forces as well.

  • The US has supported Haiti

    The United States has faltered in providing aid to Haiti by promising and not delivering the entirety of over $3.5 billion, The question remains, how much aid should be pledged to a country not plagued by the human atrocities of other countries? Haiti is well-known for corrupt leadership. The business model of U.S. companies is equally known for pilfering aid money. While Haiti has not received the full amount of pledged money, it is questionable if the manner in which over $2.5 billion has been spent has helped the country move forward. Throwing more money at Haiti may not solve the problems.

  • Yes, the USA has done enough to help Haiti.

    The problems that Haiti are facing is something that they should be able to deal with by themselves. I do not believe the United States of America should continue having to help such a country out. I think the United States should actually try to focus on helping their own citizens.

  • No, it has not.

    It is always and will always be good for the future of the United States to offer foreign aid to other countries such as Haiti which had a terrible natural disaster happen to it. If cannot help our fellow human being, then what is the rest of the world good for?

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