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  • No They Don't

    I do not believe the United States has the right to waste tax payer money and lie to the citizens, however it happens everyday. We finance unnecessary travel for congressmen, we finance overly zealous banquets and dinners, we finance special interests. The list goes on. And even when you've finished the list you still have to think about all the waste as well.

  • The whole place is corrupt

    The government has a duty to work for its citizens and to protect them. This especially from a government of the country that leads the free world. I believe that Washington has become so corrupt that there is no way that we will ever be able to fix the problem. The only thing that a person can do is continue to vote for who you think is right and hope they are not corrupted later by lobbyists.

  • No, the USA doesn't have the right to lie and waste tax payer's money.

    The USA definitely does not have the right to lie to its citizens. And it definitely does not have the right to waste tax payer money. When the American people nominate and elect officials, we do so in the belief that they will serve our best interests. If the government lies and waste tax payer money, that is something that the American people will not agree with.

  • No, tax payers deserve truth and accountability from the government.

    No, the United States does not have the right to waste money paid by it's citizens in taxes, nor should the United States government be able to tell outright lies to citizens. Taxpayers have a right to know what their money funds as there are key components of everyday life funded by taxes, such as public education, and deception by government is simply not acceptable.

  • The government does not have this right

    Why would it even be a RIGHT for the U.S. government to waste taxpayer money and lie about it? Think Solyndra and other green technology concerns subsidized by the government with OUR money. Think cronyism as regards unions and other special interest groups. Most politicians are so corrupt and hopelessly out of control, that they depend on people's indifference and ignorance towards the government to spend and lie their way to more power.

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