• Yes I feel a Cold War will occur between the United States and China

    I believe it all but inevitably that tensions both military and economically will lead to a Cold War between China and the United States. China is a rising power in the world and will eventually want to shift the worlds power balance away from the West and to the East and the United States will not allow that to happen without a fight.

  • Yes,I think we are headed for trouble

    Its going to be a bumpy ride,but China has too much power, its going to come to a halt as soon as they don't want to trade with us anymore. I have no clue what's going to happen next,but I hope we don't go to war. Its going to end very badly for the USA.

  • Yes China and The US are already in a Cold War.

    I believe that China and the US are already involved in a Cold War. The US has lost a significant number of manufacturing jobs overseas and specifically to China in the last 10 years. Recently the US has begun to regain the jobs slowly due to advancements in military and technology. Tech is the new weapon and the China and the US are at the forefront of this industry.

  • We depend on each other.

    No, I do not believe that the United States is headed for a Cold War with China, because we are too dependent on each other economically. China sells a great deal of things to the United States. The United States depends on China for the importation of cheap goods; basically everything they sell at Wal Mart. We wouldn't ruin that relationship.

  • No We Aren't

    I do not believe the United States is headed for a Cold War with China. I believe if China and the United States experience problems I believe it is more likely to be shown through economic changes and initiatives. I think problems between the two countries would probably be more likely to feature attacks on the economic systems between the two countries, rather than military fighting.

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