• Yes, it's better than the present system.

    Of course when it comes to voting in big elections, cyberspace can certainly be abused and even hacked. But right now the voting system is so confused and it is not clear as to whether it is functioning as it should. So it would be fair to have one vote via computer and throw out the electoral college.

  • The Internet Is Handy

    I believe the United States is ready for a cyber-democracy. I would love to see an attempt or movement toward on-line voting. I feel like when we can get health care on-line, then we should be able to do most government paper work on-line. I think it could save money and time.

  • I don't believe United States is ready for cyberdemocracy

    I don't believe United States is ready for cyberdemocracy. United States has come a long way since its foundation that started over 200 years ago. As of today, it is functioning a lot better with technology, but the human element will always be present and needs to be present for any democracy to run efficiently. We need that human element.

  • No, we are not ready.

    Nowhere is ready for a cyberdemocracy. Some things don't need change that radical. Instead, how about restore the brilliant Democratic Republic that we already have? And cyberdemocracy would be alost impossible to implement with the amount of people, as well as being far too easily to rig by corrupt entities.

  • Cyberdemocracy can lead to cyber issues for the US

    Cyberdemocracy seems like a good idea to begin with but when you start to factor in dishonesty, hacking, and other computer related issues it can be a disaster. You have to remember that there is a lot on the line when you are dealing with elections and policy decisions and cyber issues would not help if something goes wrong.

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