• Yes, we should withdraw from Iraq.

    It's been over 10 years and we've wasted far too much money on the Iraq war and continued military presence following it. We need to accept that we have already done enough to help the Iraqi people, the country will rebuild on its own, and it's time to bring the troops home now.

  • US should withdraw from Iraq

    We were in Iraw for the wrong reasons to begin with. The war was never paid for by oil like it was supposed to be. Thousands have died on each side. We have been there over a Decade, Saddam is long dead, and it's time to leave the responsibility of their country to them.

  • Yes, I do.

    Yes, I do believe that US military should have been withdrawn from Iraq. I feel that the Iraq war was a very sad war which never should have happened in the first place. There were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There is a chance that Bush just entered into the war to continue the war his father started.

  • It's time for us to go.

    I think we have done as much damage and also as much good as we can possibly do in Iraq. That means it's time for us to leave, and let them continue on their own path of self determination, even if that means they end up being hostile to the United States.

  • Not really completely

    Not a complete withdrawal, even though this isn't what has ended up happening in recent years. Iraq was a tough battle for the US and, while there are many questions as to whether it should have happened, it still did. There is no reason why the US should risk losing the hard fought gains.

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