Do you believe the United States should create and build a national high speed rail system?

  • The United States should invest in high-speed rail.

    The United States should invest in developing and building a nation high-speed rail system. If the US had an efficient high speed rail system it would reduce on dependence on imported oil and result in fewer miles being driven on our over-burdened highways. It would also improve air travel since fewer trips would be flown between feeder airports. .

  • It is new age

    A new high speed rail system could provide many benefits to the US. With the cost of fuel rising it may be difficult to ensure airport sustainability. However the technology involved with high speed rails allows for efficient traveling of individuals, and it can be done in a safe environmentally sustainable way.

  • yes we do

    yes, i think that this would be a really good thing for the country, and that it would be a good way to move things at a very fast speed. i think that we need to have one of these get built so that we can be as advanced as others.

  • Yes, the USA should build a national high speed rail system.

    I definitely think that the United States of America should develop a high speed rail system. Other countries in Europe and Asia have them and have been proven to be successful and beneficial for the public. I think it would be the same here. A lot of people will find it efficient.

  • No high speed rail system

    The government should not build a high speed rail system. That would make no sense because the cost would be very high and the tax payers do not have the money to pay for it. Plus it would be a huge waste of money with all the government agencies getting involved.

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