Do you believe the United States should get involved with the inegration of the Roma?

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  • U.S. need to stop attempting to be the world police

    No, I do not believe that the United States should get involved with the integration of the Roma. It is no the United States job to fix or attempt to fix the problems within another country. We should have learned this from the past, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, etc. This country is well capable of solving there own problems without an outside source.

  • It is not the US business to intervene over the Roma

    The US has to many problems of its own to interfere in the problems of a small ethnic minority in Europe. Americans surely would not want the EU to intervene here. We need to mind our own business a little more, be more concerned with our own problems and stop being the policeman of the world.

  • No, I don't believe the United States should get involed with the inegration of the Roma.

    I believe that the United States should not be involved in International Affairs that does not directly effect them, I believe the United States could be of little effect in any effort to encourage the integration of the Roma, this is something for the people of those respective nations to figure out not for the United States to do anything.

  • No. the US should step aside.

    The Unites States should not get involved with the integration of Roma. This is a problem of and in Europe, so I think the EU needs to be the one who sorts this entire scenario out. I'm actually quite tired of the United States being involved with Europe. They are barely world players anymore.

  • Not at all

    No, this is not all that big of a deal and they need to quit trying to make it one. I think that the Roma thing is not all that important, and that the US needs to focus on the things that are affecting our country and way of life.

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