Do you believe the United States should sign a treaty declaring peace with North Korea?

  • Fifty Years Is Far Too Long

    The North Korean Regime is propped up by the unending threat of war with the largest military power on the planet. Hundreds of thousands have died and millions have been oppressed due to this regime staying in power. A hot war could do no good for any country. It would be better to work towards peace.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe the United States should sign a treaty declaring peace with North Korea. I do not believe there is peace between our two countries and I believe the United States is against the government of North Korea. Signing a peace treaty would signal out acceptance of the regime, which I don't feel is necessary.

  • No: The US Should Not Sign A Declaration of Peace With North Korea

    This kind of treaty, in our current circumstances, would be a hollow gesture. The sentiment for such a treaty, however is good. The world needs to move closer to peace, and away from its destabilized present. If such a world were able to arise, likely nations like the US and North Korea would cease to exist, making such a treaty a moot point. May we all find a way to peace.

  • No, I do not.

    I do not want peace talks or treaties with North Korea because of how horrible the people there are treated. There is no country on the planet that is more insular and who treats their own people more poorly than in North Korea. No, thanks. No treaties with countries that have concentration camps.

  • The US can not sign a treaty of peace with North Korea.

    North Korea has offered a peace agreement with the United States. That sounds great, but the stipulations of this agreement are always too high for the US to accept. One stipulation is the removal of all US presence from South Korea. Another stipulation is always a non-aggression pact linked to the region. These are both designed to prepare for the invasion of South Korea. The only way the US can have peace with North Korea at this time is by allowing them to make war on South Korea.

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