Do you believe the United States would be better off with a fat tax?

  • No, a fat tax would make life worse for the obese rather than encourage change

    While there are many ways of encouraging weight loss among unhealthily overweight Americans, instituting a fat tax would encourage a worsening of the already awful treatment obese people receive in society at large. An additional tax would also increase financial burden and worsen poverty among the obese, which is itself already correlated with obesity. So it would likely make the problem worse to institute a fat tax.

  • Yes, the United States would be better off with a flat tax

    A flat tax is the United States would be very beneficial overall. Having everyone pay a standard amount of taxes would be both fair and helpful to generate enough money for the government to operate at a premium level. I think long term the flat tax would be the best option.

  • It would be so much easier.

    Yes, I believe that the United States would be better off with a flat tax, because tax time is so daunting that most people do not even know where to start. The rich would still pay the most in taxes, but we would have a system that all of us could understand.

  • Yes it would

    Yes, if there was a tax on being fat, then maybe there would be a whole lot less fat people, and as a nation we could start to be more healthy and fit. I think that being obese is a major problem, and that we need to try to get rid of it.

  • "FAT" tax, not "FLAT" tax. Please read carefully.

    I believe the only purpose of a tax should be to raise money for the government, not to influence the behavior of its citizens, so I oppose a fat tax from this perspective. From a social equity perspective, too, one must acknowledge that rates of obesity are much higher among working- and lower-middle-class Americans than those more well-off, so a fat tax would have its largest impact on those least able to pay it.

  • No, it's would stay mostly the same.

    Imposing a fat tax would cause an uproar at first, but in the end people would just end up paying the extra money to keep getting the foods. Similarly, when restaurants first put calorie listings on their menus people initially buy healthier items, but then go back to unhealthy ones. Fatty foods are a bit of an addiction and paying a few extra cents won't change much in society.

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