• Yes, we should adopt a flat-tax system.

    As stated above by the several number of people who commented above me; a flat-tax is, by far, the most simple and efficient method of closing loop-holes in our otherwise flawed system. A common argument: a person making one million dollars would still pay more than a person making 100,000 dollars.

  • Yes, although a Consumption Tax would be better

    Yes, a flat tax would work better than the current progressive tax it would bring in more income and help poor people move into the middle class due to the economic growth although it would do this a consumption tax would work better due to the fact its not based on how much you make or income but rather your spending similar to a sales tax but more efficient and better.

  • Yes, flat income tax is fair.

    Say someone makes 1 million dollars per year, and there is a 15% flat tax they have to pay $150,000. Say someone makes 100 thousand dollars per year, and there is a 15% flat tax they have to pay $15,000. This is obviously fair as the millionaire is paying more taxes than the other person makes in a year.

  • It is The Fair Way

    You give the same percent of your money every year. It makes business so much simpler, it makes businesses want to enter your country more, boosting the economy, and it allows people who do want to live the American Dream, and become rich, work hard for it. It doesn't punish people who work hard and make more money by paying more, it just allows them to pay the same percent as everyone else.

  • Flat tax please!

    Whether you make $10,000 or $10 million, flat tax is the fairest tax. Flat tax doesn't penalize the poor! Flat tax eliminates loopholes, and lazy people benefiting from tax exemptions. There are many rich people who work extremely hard for their money. People are ridiculous wanting to take money from people that earned it! Get off your butt, go to college, work hard. By the way, with flat tax, the rich still PAY MORE!

  • Rich people would still pay more.

    The thing about the flat tax is that it is a percentage of the income. Therefore, the rich with the higher income would still be paying vastly more than the poor would be. The best thing is that most, (if not all) of the loopholes of the tax system would be closed due to the relative simplicity of the system. Also, it would be much more noticeable if the taxes are being raised or lowered and which policies are causing the changes.

  • Flat tax is better for all

    Its called equality under the law. Many people who are for equality are not for equal treatment under the law. Flat tax is the only way to eliminate loopholes for the rich and eliminate bureaucracy. For starters, under a flat tax the more someone earns the more they pay. The rich will inherently pay more than the poor, because they make more money. This gives us all the same skin in the game. It is wrong to take a higher percentage of someones income just because they are successful. This is greedy and disgusting behavior by the government. We should encourage all people to make more money and fund the government in unity. We should not have "takers" and "givers". We are all one people and should ALL contribute.

  • Yes, I believe that the United States should have a mostly flat tax.

    In the United States, people get government support all of the time to supplement their income, but they still get tax exempt status or tax benefits that are sufficient enough to have them exempt. The problem with most exemptions and benefits is that they mostly support situations which an individual may be able to overcome and exacerbate them. The only good benefits, I believe, are in non-profits; by supporting an organization that may otherwise need to appeal for money for help, you indirectly earn the government some money by increasing the non-profit's productivity. Otherwise, taxes are meant to keep the economic system in place by supporting the government that has tied everything together for people. By not supplementing a bit of your income for government, then you only further national problems.

  • Flat tax would not work

    No, I do not believe that the United Stats would be better off with a flat tax. If there was a flat tax the poor or underpaid would be paying the same as someone who makes millions in profits. It would not be fair to those that bare scrape enough money to live day to day.

  • No, the United States would not be better off with a flat tax?

    A flat tax in the United States would exacerbate the income inequality and would harm the United States. The flat tax imposes a higher cost to the poorest citizens as they will ultimately pay more in taxes than they would under a progressive tax system, even though they can afford it the least. The wealthier citizens can afford to pay more in taxes and the flat tax has the iillusion of being more fair but in reality it is much more favorable to the wealthiest, who can afford it, and is tougher on the poorest, who can least afford it.

  • It would hurt the poor too much.

    I do not believe a flat tax rate could work in the United States. The total amount of tax needed to be raised to run the country properly is too high to be levied from a flat tax, the rate would have to be too high for the poor to bare. The only way to raise sufficient tax is to tax the rich at a higher rate.

  • Flat tax is a flat lie

    A flat tax is an idea from the wealthy to lower their taxes. This idea that this idea would work is not true. The wealthy would be able to get off paying less while the poor and middle class would have to pick up the tab. They would have a lower amount of money to spend on important things why the wealthy would continue to be wealthy.

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