Do you believe the Universe is digital (yes) or analog (no)?

  • Yes, I believe the universe is digital

    It is my opinion that the universe is much more digital then analogue. It seems to me that the universe operates on numbers and I think that it is far too large to be calculated as analogue. This is why I believe that the universe operates as a digital millennium.

  • I believe the Universe is digital and not analog.

    I believe the Universe is digital and not analog. The Universe follows a strict set of laws, or physics which make events in the Universe predictable or computable. The Universe is made up of atoms which are the building blocks of all things. On a very fine breakdown everything in the Universe can be broken down into small units which is similar to how a computer program or code can be broken down into bits of ones and zeros.

  • Yes, the universe is digital

    When we say digital, what we mean is whether or not the universe is binary. Whether or not everything is black and white. That's not to say that decisions are completely one sided. Like when programming, you can create decisions that lead to one decision or another, but those answers can have nested choices as well. Analog implies that there can be a middle ground leaning one way or the other. However, digital can do this as well and can lean perfectly to one side or the other. Analog is incapable of being perfectly one-sided.

  • We are already digital.

    Yes, I believe that the Universe is digital, because things are already digital. Digital is black and white. Everything is reduced to its basic elements. Everything in the universe can be described in digital forms, which is basically what kinds of atoms make up each atom. The world is explainable in black and white, also known as digital.

  • No, it is analog.

    The universe is continually changing and degrading over time. If it were to stay the same over time it would be digital, but an ever expanding universe that will eventually go dark when the stars die out is an analog one. To be a digital universe, the universe itself would have to not degrade.

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