• We have not seen anything in the universe which is infinite

    We don't have any evidence to indicate the universe is infinite but everything that we can see, Measure, Touch in this universe have been proven from to be FINITE. Just because we have not seen beyond the observable universe, That does not mean the universe infinite. The universe is just unimaginably HUGE.

  • The universe can't be infinite.

    If the universe was infinite, whether infinitely old, or of infinite space, energy, or matter, everywhere we looked in the night sky would be illuminated. This is called Olbers' paradox. If you research it, it reasons that if there were infinite stars in infinite locations, we would see a light in any which way we looked in space.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • I'm Guessing It's Finite

    We have yet to find the edge of the Universe, nor do we have the knowledge of rather an edge exists, but I tend believe that the Universe is Finite. I do not have any scientific evidence to prove my point, it is simply my opinion and nothing more than that.

  • There's gotta be a limit.

    I happen to believe that the Universe is a finite thing. I also believe that the Universe is so huge, that its limits are incomprehensible to us at the present time, and possibly forever. I'm sure that no matter where the edge of the Universe ends, it'll still take us thousands of years to find it.

  • It is finite

    According to physics, the Universe, though incredibly expansive, is finite, and has a definite shape and conforms to a definite set of rules. Anything beyond these types of questions are actually impossible for us to answer at this point in physics, but the Universe is itself finite according to our definition.

  • No, the universe is infinite.

    The most brilliant and capable minds combined with the most state-of-the-art astronomical technology cannot, by their own admission, even begin to touch the vast expanses of the universe, and most, if not all, astronomers concur that we cannot even conceive of how large the universe really is. Until we have the technology to measure beyond what we currently can, there is no reason to suspect that the universe is finite until otherwise proven.

  • I believe that it is infinite.

    I believe that the universe is infinite. I know that infinite is a hard concept for our minds to grasp, but I definitely believe that the vastness of the universe is an intangible amount, yes. I just believe that the universe, "is". It is everything that contains everything else and every form of life anywhere.

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