Do you believe the use of goal line technology in football is beneficial (yes) or detrimental (no)?

  • The refs can only see so much from their perspectives.

    Even though at the goal line referees do their best to pay attention, they are only human and can only see so much. And instant replay at times can take a while. When a touchdown is in question it would be nice to have faster, more accurate technology to keep the game going. As we know 2 minutes in football can take 10 minutes to play.

  • Goal Line Technology is benificial to the sport

    The use of goal line technology is beneficial to the sport of football. The technology will not allow for stupid mistakes by the referee, which will prevent fans and players from being angry. It will make the game fair. Similar systems have been effective in American football, and will soon be used in baseball as well.

  • Use technology in football

    The use of goal line technology in pro football would be a good thing. It would not slow down the game at all and it would help out the referees in their already tough job. The owners and players should all be for the goal line technology because it would be good for all parties.

  • It is good

    I think that the use of this goal line view is really good for making sure that the plays that are ran are good and fair, and that no one gets cheated out of a touchdown just because there is not a good view to show that they make it.

  • technology in football

    They will be out to commit more.No, reducing the amount of juvenile offenders in prison will not lower crime rates, because the people will be more likely to out on the streets committing crime. Some people are always going to be predisposed to be unable to follow the law. These people should be disabled by being in jail, so that they cannot be out hurting other people.

  • It slows down the game

    If the ball goes over the line but the refs dont see it and have to use goal line technology, it slows down the game and will be so boring to watch. It makes the game a bit more exciting if a goal hasnt been giving. It is used in cricket and it is so boring to watch now

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