Do you believe the weight loss tactic used by Jennifer Hudson is legitimate?

  • Jennifer Hudson's weight loss tactic is legitimate

    Broadway and film star Jennifer Hudson is widely known as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, the weight loss program which helped her lose an enormous amount of unwanted weight. Weight Watchers is probably the most respected weight loss program out there, and focuses on helping people lose weight safely, so yes, it was very legitimate for Hudson to use Weight Watchers to lose weight.

  • Yes I believe the weight loss tactics used by Ms. Jennifer Hudson are legitimate.

    In my opinion I do believe that the weight loss tactics and program used by actress / singer Jennifer Hudson are legitimate weight control products. Ms. Hudson has too much of her life invested in her success to risk her career, or even her life, on products that are not proven effective.

  • Yes, she worked for her slim figure

    Jennifer Hudson used Weight Watchers, a commercial diet
    group, to lose 80 pounds. She followed the diet plan, ate the Weight Watcher
    foods, and also worked out regularly, reportedly for up to two hours a day.
    Doctors agree that combining a calorie restricted diet and regular exercise
    this way is the best and most legitimate way to use weight. Because Ms Hudson
    is a celebrity, people like to spread nasty rumors about the way she lost the
    weight. The truth is, she did it the hard way, and the way that works best.

  • Yes, there is no reason to believe it's not

    No one knows for sure exactly what Lawrence did every step of the way except her, but based on what she says she did, it is very believable that she lost the post-pregnancy weight. She attributes a healthy diet with small portions and this is a great, healthy way to lose weight.

  • Weight loss technique legit

    Weight loss is always something a lot of people have to deal with. They always find different methods for weight loss and use it as a tool for everyone else. So if Jennifer Hudson is healthy and she is able to live a regular life than her weight loss tactic is legit.

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